L720 plus Shower Head Filter System

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Type: ‎Shower Filter
Double filter design: PP Cotton filter (pre-filter), Composite activated carbon fiber (internal filter)
Material: ‎Composite
Product Dimensions: ‎3.1 x 4 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight: ‎1.65 pounds
Flow Rate: ‎2 Gallons Per Minute
Water Consumption: ‎2 Gallons per Minute
Batteries Required?: ‎No


1 x shower filter
1 x spare PP Cotton filter
1 x replacement reminder sticker
1 x wrench
1 x manual



Miniwell L720-plus Shower Head Filter System

The Miniwell L720-Plus shower head filter system is our newly launched water purification product. This model’s filter structure has been enhanced and rebuilt, resulting in a revolutionary double-filter shower filter. When the filter gets clogged, it is no longer necessary to replace the entire unit; instead, only the pre-filter (PP Cotton filter) must be replaced. Meanwhile, it preserves the previous filter’s 99% chlorine, THMs, sediment, irritants, and bad odor removal capabilities.


Double Filter Design

PP COTTON FILTER (PRE-FILTER) : Removes sand, rust and sediments.

COMPOSITE FILTER (INTERNAL FILTER): Composite activated carbon fiber enables the filter to remove 99% of chlorine, trihalomethanes (THMs), contaminants, impurities, and other harmful substances.

Cost-effective: No need to frequently replace the internal filter (Composite filter). Just replace the PP cotton pre-filter when the system is clogged, usually caused by macromolecular impurities (such as sediment, rust, etc.).

Easy to maintain: The transparent visual base enables you to watch the filtration effect without opening the filter. Replace the old cartridges conveniently by unscrewing the base. No need to disassemble the shower head.

CND technology: Raw materials high-densification treatment, which greatly enhances the filtration performance of the filter.

FDA tested: This system is one of the few shower water purifiers that does not contain calcium sulfite (a source of allergies for some people).


31 reviews for L720 plus Shower Head Filter System

Based on 31 reviews
  1. Lynn (US) ??

    Amazing!!!!!! No leaks!!!
    This filters water soo well you can feel it on your skin and in your hair. Our city water has so much iron it collects an orange color.
    It’s also soo easy to install and there is no leaking!!!!! It’s so great. I’ve tried so many water filters and this is the only one I will ever use.

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  2. Sassymamma (US) ??

    Great product
    I ordered this because my hair was falling out so bad. This has made a big difference.

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  3. liz (US) ??


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  4. Superbuick (US) ??

    Psoriasis gone
    just installed it last night, took a shower this morning, changed close after work and noticed my psoriasis was gone. I didn’t have bad psoriasis just patches on my arms and legs (most of my adult life 20+ years) could be a coincidence, was just hoping to get rid of the dry skin. So I just wanted to wright this review to share my experience. cant believe chlorine was the culprit all these years for my psoriasis.

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  5. Ross L. (US) ??

    Incredible what this thing picks up..
    I added a 3″ shower pipe extension to accommodate my larger shower head. Works great. The photo you see of the filter is from ONE SHOWER. Crazy. If you have “penny smelling” water in an older property, this eliminates it completely and even comes with an additional filter. Highly recommend.

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    Image #2 from Ross L. (US) ??
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  6. erica (US) ??

    Works great for well water
    This filter works amazingly. I have sulfur well water and this filter does an amazing job. It works great at removing the black from the water and has helped my hair to stop falling out. Highly recommend for thos with and without well water.

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  7. Cassidy (US) ??

    These filters work.
    I am so pleased with the performance of my Miniwell filter. It is easy to install, and changing out the filter is very easy as well.I have just purchased a pack of four cotton core refills. I did not purchase filter refills until I was sure this was the filter I wanted to go with. I was so pleased with the performance of the two cotton Kors that came with the original filter, I went ahead and bought more.As you can see from the pictures, the cotton does an excellent job of catching heavy metals in the water. I like that you can see how dirty the filter is getting so you know when to change it.For reference, I used the dirty filter in the picture for about four months. That is pretty dang good considering how hard the water in my area is.I have tried many filters for my shower and this is the one that works. I absolutely hate bathing in hard water but this makes things so much better. I would absolutely recommend this to anybody.

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  8. Gerardo S. (MX) ??

    [Variant: Shower Filter w/ Head] Muy buen filtro
    El filtro es tal cual lo descrito, se instala facilmente y si bien la regadera incluida no es una maravilla, cumple su cometido. Gracias a este filtro pude darme cuenta de cuan sucia el agua llegaba a la regadera, y quita efectivamente el olor a cloro de la misma. Si vives en una zona donde el agua llega con mucha suciedad, preparate porque casi ningun filtro te va a durar por mucho tiempo. Este filtro despues de cada baño, lo saco y lo tengo que enguajar y dejar secar para el siguiente baño o sino, para el siguiente baño vas a tener un flujo menor de agua de forma muy perceptible. Consideralo.

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  9. Mike Bottomley (US) ??

    I have had this filter for almost 6 months. The water flow has not slowed at all. I finally replaced the outer filter as it was very dirty. There are 4 people using the shower daily, so it is getting a lot of use. Once it is installed it is so easy to replace the outer filter. It takes about 1 minute. It is even easy to replace the main inner filter. I think I have at least another 3 months with this, so will replace main filter in a total of 9 months.

    All in all I am very happy with the filter. I have heard others report that it clogs after just a few weeks, but I find this hard to believe, as my water has not even slowed down at all in almost 6 months. I would recommend this filter.

    As a note if you have cloramines in your water (which I do) best way to handle this is with a vitamin C shower head. This handles it 100%. The L720-plus filter only takes out Chlorine and other contaminates.

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  10. Garrett Genest (CA) ??

    Great For Filtering Hard City Water
    This shower filter is quite good. We use it to reduce hardness in our hard municipal (city) water and minimize chlorine. We installed this filter on a shower in a house that we newly rented. Our shower water does seem softer although there is still a small amount of calcium buildup that occurs on the shower head over time. It is noticeably less buildup than without the filter in place which is a good sign.

    Most noticeably, when changing the paper filter, it’s pretty amazing to see how much dirt gets captured from the water.

    The only real downside I’ve seen to this filter is that it’s relatively tough to replace the filter based on the directions that are given. I find that it’s easier to simply unscrew and then pop the entire filter chamber off of the assembly and then replace the filter rather than trying to do it all while it’s attached to the shower head.

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  11. Brenda McMichael (US) ??

    Highly recommend… Best filter by far!!
    Read the directions a few times before trying to install because if you install it straight up and down it incorrect and you aren’t getting the full use out of the product. I live in Georgetown, TX and we have one of the hardest, horrible, poor water here then any other place I have ever lives. This shower filter makes a huge difference.Please be mindful that depending on your water you may have to replace both filters more often. The cotton one I have replaced twice in 10-12 weeks of having the product. Now I just ordered the plastic replacement filter which will be delivered this week which is little over 3months that it lasted for my water.*UPDATE* 2022 – Where the shower head filter connects to the pipe coming out of the wall the connection cracked and now will not stay on. Disappointing this only lasted a year. I was hoping to get more than a year for this product.

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  12. Christina (US) ??

    Convenient and works well.
    This filtering system is definitely doing the job! The filter on the right is after 8weeks of use. Next time I’ll change it after 5-6 weeks as it was clearly overdue. If I’d been paying better attention I would’ve changed it sooner as I had been experiencing lower shower pressure the last couple weeks, and this is an indicator that it’s time to change the filter cartridge. The filter has a transparent viewing area at the bottom of the unit where you can see the cartridge, however that transparent piece is a brown color, so that makes it hard to see how dirty the cartridge is. Not a big deal though since it is true that water pressure drops when it’s time to change. You can see by the pics of a new cartridge vs the cartridge with 8 weeks of use that this filter does the trick. The used cartridge is so slimy! Changing cartridges is easy, too, and replacements are a fair price, so we are very satisfied overall with this product.

    Image #1 from Christina (US) ??
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  13. C (US) ??

    Great customer service!
    We’ve been using this filter system for about a year. All of the plastic components are pretty solid and durable. Installation is fairly easy, just need a strong wrist to tighten it. There’s a rubber gasket that failed over time, so I contacted Miniwell for a replacement gasket. They don’t have one, so they shipped a brand new filter system to me for free; that’s great customer service! As far as the quality of the filter system, my skin is less dry and my wife has stated that her hair is softer; however, there’s still an orange residue in the tub/shower. I think the Miniwell filter system is great – not perfect, but it definitely made an improvement in our water quality.

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  14. Kelley B. (US) ??

    Works better than the other smaller “15 stage” filters
    I had been using the other most common shower filter on Amazon (the one that you see the most of) but I never really felt like it did much, but just kept using it anyways. Until I decided to open one up to see the “15 stages” of filtration. When I opened it, it was just a bunch of different minerals/materials all mixed together, not layers of filtration like the pictures made it seem like, and the product info would even list layers of filtration that did not exist. I felt scammed. I looked around and landed on this filter, and its legitimate! The core is a dense porous stone-like material which forces water through microscopic holes, and the outer layer is a tightly woven cotton filter which catches bulkier contaminates increasing the life of the inner filter. This is true filtration. This products pictures even shows what the competitors look like on the inside. Don’t be conned any longer. This is what you’ve been looking for. My only complaint, is the water out connection piece is really short, and my shower heads water flow valve couldn’t screw on because the lever would hit the filter. I got a short inch or two long extension and problem solved. And because the filter easily detaches from the filter housing, I don’t ever have to worry about unscrewing it. This minor con was far outweighed by the pros.

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  15. Ricky G (US) ??

    Picture says it all
    Our house is old and it has galvanized piping. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has this type of plumbing. Within 1 month of using this product this is what it was able to capture.

    Image #1 from Ricky G (US) ??
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  16. To Be Continued… (US) ??

    Easy to use and clear results
    Easy install and clear results on shower glass

    Image #1 from To Be Continued... (US) ??
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  17. Pavel F (US) ??

    Not For Hand-Held Showers
    The item itself feels quality and love the design for being able to easily change filter without having to remove the entire assembly from the piping connections. However due to the design it affects the angle of a hand-held shower system (reason for the 3-star rating). Also, we are on a private well for our water and seeing no change in the level of skin or hair drying post shower.

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  18. K.B. (US) ??

    Best filter
    This filter is great on so many levels. It is easy to install, it looks good, inner filters are easy to change without removing it from plumbing. The best part is it works. Our city water has a lot of chlorine which caused elevated levels of HAA5 acid. Both of these caused severe irritaion on my back. After using this filter twice the irritation is almost gone! I am so happy to have found this. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to remove chemicals from thier water.

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  19. Tony (US) ??

    need extention or raised the front angle fitment.
    I just wish theirs an extention to come with the front fiting or make the angle of the front fitting novel higher, because my hand held shower head was getting caught on the front and would not fit all the way, so I had to spend 2hr at home improvement to try to come up with a way to fit it, and they do not sell a 1/2 x 1/2 hex brushing to give that head an extension. Would had got 5 star, but I had to spend 2hr+ running back and forth at a home improvement store.

    Image #1 from Tony (US) ??
    Image #2 from Tony (US) ??
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  20. Sam (US) ??

    Company helped with filters after contacting them
    The Company Miniwell stands by their products and offered to replace the regular filter with a “720 Special Filter” that doesn’t get clogged and requires less replacement. It’s nice to see a company that take time to listen to their customers and are will to help them resolve any issues they may have.

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  21. Huntress (US) ??

    Works fairly well
    My arms always bothered me after a shower, and it is always worse in the winter. After reviewing several water filters I decided on this model. It fits between the shower water pipe and shower head. This is a major factor in picking this unit. Others would lower the height of the shower head and with hubby at six foot that would not work. I noticed an immediate relief after filtering the water. Just wish I would have known years ago that a filter would make that much difference.

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  22. jehren (US) ??

    Excellent treating “raw” water overseas.
    Highly recommend. I moved to the Middle East where my water is not fully desalinated and is heavily chlorinated, leading to breakouts, cracked skin and straw-like hair. While this filter is of course not going to do anything about the saltwater content, it removes all of the chlorine and other nasties. Not breaking out anymore! No more straw hair!! Was concerned about filter longevity, but the basic outer filter lasts about a month and the core filter has lasted about 3 months so far.

    The water here is bad. They call it “raw” water so you can only imagine. Super impressed with this filter. Highly, highly recommend.

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  23. Micah L. Turner (US) ??

    It works for chlorine filtration
    It works, the chloring strips I ordered are defective so I can’t show a comparison, but my wife’s skin doesn’t smell like a pool anymore and I don’t feel like a shriveled prune or itchy. The shower don’t smell like a pool either. I’ve found that regular carbon filters do not filter chloride, only chlorine, so call your water distributor and ask them if they use chlorine or chloride for purification before purchasing your filter. You will be dissapointed with your purchase if they use chloride. Also, if you don’t change the filters at appropriate intervals you will also be dissapointed. If the cotton filter gets to much sediments in it than it will clog the carbon filter. They claim the carbon filter lasts about 6 months. The cotton filter may last only a week, depending on your water. But it could last much longer. It would seem frustrations with this product stem from improper maintanence. The thing is pretty sturdy and ridged. The housing with all the threads is not as plastic or whatnot, it is quite sturdy and robust. Maybe some blend of polycarbonate. It comes with a plastic wrench to aid in instalation.

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  24. Charles S. (US) ??

    Filter keeps dirt and grime out of the roo,.
    I apparently have really bad water. I received the filter just about two weeks ago and installed it right away. I’ve noticed a reduction in water pressure over the last few days, so I took the first filter stage out to examine it. There is lots of debris in the plastic cup and the outside of the filter, which was originally white, is now brownish and slimy. Looking at it on end, the coloration goes about half way into the filter. Installing the new first stage filter restored proper water pressure. I recently scrubbed and repainted the bathroom a bright white. I’m thankful that the filter is capturing the contaminants instead of allowing them to be deposited on the walls and ceilings. Even more important, the crud isn’t in the air to be inhaled.

    Image #1 from Charles S. (US) ??
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  25. Christian (US) ??

    Water outlet valve is WAY too small
    Just a bad design… I have tried to install two different showerheads, both of which cannot mount to the filter because the neck is just WAY too small and the filter gets in the way of screwing it in. I’m sure the filter works great but just be aware that you will most likely need some sort of extension arm that has a small footprint.

    * Update – Even though the neck is WAY too small and they seriously need to redesign this, I’ve updated my rating from a 1 star to 4 stars. The filter is obviously doing something because my 1st stage filter is ready to be replaced after three weeks of use. I’m hopeful that I get 2 months of use before changing out filters but it’s a small price to pay for clean water.

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  26. T. (US) ??

    Truly Exceptional
    Installed this on Friday night, it’s now Sunday nights. After 4 showers I can say the water is softer and cleaner. The filter does not leak any water. No drips, no leaks, nothing but clean soft water so far. I read on another brand they had leaks, drips and were not happy. This is not my experience so far, everything is perfect. Like a dream come true as the water in our town is poor.

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  27. chris (US) ??

    Great for sensitive skin
    I recently moved to a new city and the water quality is pretty bad. I notice I am very itchy after showers so I looked around for an inline filter. This one is perfect for my shower as I did not want to extend my shower head downwards like other filters. This one is also larger and comes with a replacement filter so its a year of filters out of the box. Installation was easy and I didnt have any leaks. I can tell it worked immediately as I couldn’t smell the tap water smell anymore. I am definitely less itchy after a shower.

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  28. Rebecca (US) ??

    Gets the Job Done!
    **Update: 2 Years after Purchase** There was a leak out of the top part, the pipe that is connected to the part that screws into the shower pipe, and the seller sent me a free replacement so quickly! They were quick to respond and very nice! Highly recommend this filter and this seller!!

    This filter works! I unscrew the bottom & remove the cotton filter after each shower, to let it dry & prevent the growth of bacteria. This way the filter lasts much, much longer!

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  29. shoppingbeauty (US) ??

    Absolutely amazing!!!
    Ok can I just say how elated I am about this filter!!! Everyone in my family was suffering from terrible dandruff (I just figured we had inherited it) ever since this filter was installed to our shower we are dandruff free and my sons eczema is gone. I always figured it was because of something in his diet that was causing it but come to find out it has been chlorine this whole time, infact the day I placed an order for this filter my son had been over swimming at my in-laws swimming pool (and it has way too high of chlorine levels) so when he got home his eczema had flared up horribly and that’s when I realized it was chlorine after reading up about how these filters work. So so so very happy we will use they for life.

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  30. Melissa P (US) ??

    This one actually works and can handle the hardest water with ease.
    I have this filter on both of my showers at home. I used another type of filter in the past but I love this one by far. I’ve also used the minwell 720 filter that you don’t change the internal filter, just toss and replace. I prefer this option as it is cheaper and works just as good.

    Now about the filter…
    It’s amazing! I know when it needs to be replaced because my skin gets horribly itch and my hair is like straw. We have absolutely horrible water here and can’t even drink it, so this filter does a great job where the water plant fails.

    Definitely a 5 star filter!

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  31. Kerry K. (US) ??

    No more dry itchy skin in the winter
    I have been using the filter in my shower for over 2 yrs now & no longer have dry itchy skin in the winter. I can tell most of the chlorine is removed too. With the filter the water doesn’t burn if I have an open cut, but does without the filter. The cartridge I had before was solid and couldn’t tell what wad going on inside of it. I like this one because I can see through the transparent bottom and easily change part of the filter without removing the whole thing.

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